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W3C Compliance service

Our company is glad to introduce a great service which is able to help you in adjusting your website in accordance with the key standards of W3C. This innovative service embodies our broad experience and deep knowledge in building upscale and perfect websites for our customers. Our compliance service includes such major aspects as basic web site layout validation and errors fixing. In this way our experienced engineers will bring your site to the best possible compliance with the crucial W3C.

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Our fees start at $25, make a request for the actual price for your site.

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Is Compliance A Necessity?

There are several significant benefits that the W3C compliance can bring to your website and the most essential of them are listed below:

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Making the website compliable with the W3C standards particularly implicates website excessive code minimization. This leads to many SEO advantages which include such as improvement of indexability, keyword placement optimization and so on. In general the client’s website becomes more noticeable for search engine robots, and the relevancy of all its pages becomes much more substantial which means that the site gets more visitors.

  • Website approachability and consistency

    W3C standards compliance guarantees that the website will be read and treated in a proper way by all popular Internet browsers. Our service is a powerful instrument which is able to bring you a greater amount of visitors and to intensify your clients’ experience. This means that no matter what is the mission of your website, it will become displayed much better and it will become more profitable.

How to Check and Fix

Among other useful services W3C also proposes markup validation service which is more commonly known as W3C Validator. This feature can be accessed for free at, and it is able to test markup validity of all pages of any website. The checking process is easy as never and the only thing the user needs to do is to enter the URL, to get the detailed analysis of errors and then to fix them.